Studying with the VSL Course app

This page explains getting started with your study using the VSL course app.

Your Teacher:

At the beginning of Term 1, your teacher will contact you directly to introduce her/himself and explain in more detail the course requirements.

The VSL course app:

You will need to install the VSL Course App onto your computer. it is available for these operating systems:

You can install the app on multiple computers. If you do work on different computers make sure you 'sync' at the end of each session so the latest version of you work is available everywhere.

School laptops

Sometimes school laptops only provide students with limted permissions. This may:

In either case you will need to ask your school IT support for help.

Install VSL Course app Version 1.7

If you already have the VSL Course app installed - you MUST update to Version 1.7 for 2019.

Once installed you should have the VSL Course App icon on your desktop/launch bar:

Once the app is launched you should get this login page:

Login details

Your login details for the app are created when your enrolment is completed. Usernames are the email address entered on the enrolment form. Passwords can also be entered on the enrolment form. If no passowrd is provided the system genereates a random password.

When you are allocated to a class an email will be sent to the address provided when enrolling. It includes your app login details.

If you lose or wish to change these please contact:

Key points about the app:

Weekly course work:

The course is divided into 32 Worksets. Each week you are expected to complete and submit one Workset. Each Workset in the VSL Course App contains:

  1. online practice activities
  2. online activities for submission
  3. reading and listening texts
  4. grammar notes

In some languages, you may be required to submit weekly hand-written work as well. In this case, a Writing Workbook will be mailed to you. You have the option to mail back your worksheet each week, or scan and upload your worksheet through the Course App.

Oral lessons

Study & Revision Notes

If you do not receive the Study & Revision Notes and Oral Lesson booklet in the first few weeks of the semester please let your teacehr know so they can follow it up.

Also in the App


For VCE courses, several day-long Seminars are conducted through the year.

VCE School-Assessed Tasks